Tuesday, July 3, 2007

NORINCO's New Type 90-II ARV

Now PLA Army's new MBT and tracked vehicles are turning to be heavier and more complex. So NORINCO recently released its newest Type 90-II ARV (armored recovery vehicle) for the PLA army and international military engineering vehicle market.

The type 90-II ARV is based on Type 90-II tank chassis and equipped with professional recovery facilities and repairing tools. Type 90-II ARV power system is distinguished with other ARV vehicles. Besides the 882KW motor, Type 90-II ARV has an independent 118kw accessorial power. So the main motor can be shut down during the recovery operation, which is played by accessorial power. Type 90-II ARV even can be recovered by itself and has a longer life than other competitors.

Type 90-II ARV performance and specifications:

Max towing capacity: 50 tons in off-road condition
Max recovery winch capacity: 82 tons
Boom crane capacity: 25 tons (booming tank turret under 15 tons)
Digging capacity: 125 cubic meter/hour
Transportation capacity: 1.5 tons in short distance

Crew number: 5
Combat weight: 48 tons
Dimensions: Length: 8.33m; Width: 3.4 m; Height: 2.4 m
Max speed: 69.2 km/h
Max range: 500 km
Engine: 1200 hp
NBC protection: limited
Defense armament: One 12.7 mm antiaircraft machine gun, smoke grenade launcher

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