Wednesday, July 25, 2007

PLA highly shows Type 093 Sub and PLZ-05 SPH

June 16, "Expo of National Defense and Armed Forces Achievements since New China's Foundation" was held in Beijing "Chinese People Revolutionary military Museum". Several home-made military equipments unveiled in public. Especially, Type 093 attack nuclear submarine and Type 05 self-propelled howitzer can be impressively found in the expo.
Type 093 nuclear-powered submarine is exposed by a photo of its surface sailing state. The photo has no explanation of the sub's designation name but a unclear comment: "New Type Nuclear Submarine", because China never open the fresh weapon's exact model. The distinguished appearance comparing with Type 091 sub, however, tells that the boat in the photo is the legendary Type 093 attack nuclear submarine.

The most notable change in Type 093 submarine is the disappearance of controlling plane on sub's sail. Previously an unconfirmed blurred image of Type 093 submarine on Internet also corroborates the change. If the Type 093 sub uses "bow diving planes" like U.S. navy Virginia class submarines, the main reason is Type 093 has a smaller "conning tower" with no space for rudder steering gear. PLA navy has known the fact that a decreased sized sub sail can reduce the noise and resistance force when in underwater maneuver.

Besides, the positions of Type 093's sail, rescue buoy and bow antenna is changed. And these changes can be compared with the displayed Type 091A model and other previous photos. Actually, the photo gives a sense that the sail's position is backward than before. And this design also needs bow-diving-plane configuration for greater controlling efficient.

But in the picture, the sub's "conning tower" is even looked to be higher and larger than before. So another possibility is that the photographing angle can not shot the sail dive planes.

A widely sited conclusion is that Type 093 project is assisted by Russian Rubin Central Design Bureau or it has heavy Russian influence. Western analyzers often compare Type 093 with Russian Victor-III nuclear-power attack submarine. Now the Photo clarifies that the Chinese Type 093 has its own characters and its shape-design is close to Royal Navy Trafalgar Class submarine.

Another "VIP" in expo is PLZ-05 155mm self-propelled howitzer. PLZ-05 SPH has a enlarged turret which installed on PLZ-45 full-track chassis. PLZ-05 is a exportation designation of NORINCO in the year of 2002. Most technologies of PLA-05 are from PLZ-04 SPH for PLA Army Artillery. It has been known that PLZ-05's barrel length is 52 caliber and PLZ-04 SPH has a 54 caliber length barrel.

The PLZ-05 displayed on the museum has a commander panoramic periscope on the top of turret and a gunner day/night direct fire sight parallel fitted on gun barrel. Indeed, PLZ-04 SPH is a milestone in PLA Army artillery Digitalization.

Furthermore, the outdoor display in museum also includes JH-7A fighter, Type 99G, New Amphibious Vehicle, DF-25 ballistic missile and other Land& air Warfare System.

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