Thursday, November 8, 2007

China accuses Hacking operation from Taiwan and U.S.

Addresser of Taiwan Affairs Office of Chinese State Council

In October, Chinese Ministry of State Security (MSS) used a state-run paper media to unveil that China has been being attacked from more and more foreign organized hackers and Chinese national security is being threatened by cyber area.

"Global Times", quoting officials from Ministry of State Security, said that tens thousands of oversea remote administration computers are monitoring Chinese victim computers through spy software and foreign intelligence agencies has set up special organizations to penetrate firewall and steal Chinese key areas' information through zombie computers' distributed trespass.
Taiwanese Li Fangrong

The Ministry of State Security has opened detail information about a fatal Cyber-Spy case, which is headed by 30-year Taiwanese Li Fangrong. MSS declared that he once lived in Moscow and organized cyber attacks on Chinese mainland's thousands of national defense research institutes, military industrial labs and several Chinese oversea embassies. Via "Trojan horse" software, Li Fangrong control hundreds of Chinese computers and harvest great valuable information about China's Politics, Military and Foreign Affairs.

Chinese security department has detected Li's activities, but Li successfully returned to Taiwan Military Intelligence Agency. Chinese administration has to List Li in "Most Wanted" and to capture him when he in Chinese mainland.

Accroding to China's number, the computers infected by spyware are mainly located in Shanghai, Beijing and Jiangsu Province. Meanwhile, China has detected tens thousands of foreign spyware distributed IP addresses, 42% from Taiwan and 25% from United Sates.

Chinese Research Institutes and Labs are usually warned of restrict using on computer devices. However, the rules are usually ignored. In 2006, when China's CASIC(China Aerospace Science & Industry Corp)'s Intranet Network surveyed by Cyber Security Department, spywares are all founded in computers which belong to classified department and Corporation Heads.

In August, during Mrs Merkel's trip in China, Der Spiegel reported that China has hacked into the computers of Angela Merkel’s Chancellery and three other German ministries and Germany federal office has prevented 160 giga-byte information being transferred to China.
"Global Times" is sponsored by "People Daily" and has great influence in Chinese society.

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