Tuesday, December 4, 2007

China YW-6 satellite tracking ship is in testing

This Yuanwang-6 was found in Shanghai in December, 2007. Some resources said that it is greatly improved in commanding and controlling system.

Yuanwang series Satellite Tracking Ships were firstly designed to support PLA's ICBM testing programmes and then now mainly carry the satellite and spaceship tracking mission.

At present, Yuanwang-5 is the newest ship in Yuanwang family. YW-5 was launched on 15 September 2006 and entered PLA Navy in 2007. Now YW-5 is involving the "Chang'e Lunar Satellite" programme.

In future, China is planning to launch TL Data Reply satellites to replace some control functions of Yuanwang ships, because Data Reply satellites surely have greater performance in China's manned space station and other deep space explorations.

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